after bukowski

img_2556a-sm bw

she returned from a lengthy
bathroom visit
touched my arm with her wet hands
loudly in my ear
she said
what is the recipe

i threw down the tequila
told her it was simple
take real life
add a couple of fistfuls
of fiction
toss it all in a bag
along with some bloody meat
shake that shit up
and throw it on the page
ungarnished and raw

she then declared
with professorial assuredness
after Bukowski
no one should ever be allowed
to write another bar poem

with my left hand
i stole a smoke
from the pack peeking
out of her purse
i pulled my right hand
from beneath the skirt
of the woman on the stool
on the other side of me

i ordered another round
for all three of us

i thought for a second
about her statement
and told her
without question

i couldn’t agree more



Words and Image: B. Reeves


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