six six six


man vs bullet
never ends
like it does in the movies
where everyone is
a superhero
a spy
a special agent
or better yet
a special agent superhero spy

we are just bags
of blood and bone
in delicate perfection
a simple pinprick away
from knowing
just how powerful
we really are

lost it
in a pile of burning metal
lost it
in a deal with the devil
lost him
to a 5” bullet
neither of us saw coming

so i sit in this house
steering clear of everyone
stacking minutes
until they are a day
100 panhandle acres
bought with the devil’s money
100 acres of no man’s land
360 degrees of nothing
dirt on dirt
split by asphalt
burned by the sun

but the windows are wide
and the winds do howl
just as loud as me
when the sky is out of true
and my heart and mind
refuse to zero


six six six
i may have survived
the theater
but we didn’t
make it to the end
of the movie

the two of us
were dumb enough
to buy tickets for



Words and Image: B. Reeves



  1. Pepe · January 15

    This is honestly perfect
    favorite piece so far


    • B · January 15

      Thank you very much for reading and saying so. Writing a larger work with these characters. The poems really help me find them. Thank you for commenting.


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