my ragged nights spent
in the alleys with lost dogs
chasing crow murders
and picking through bones
always one
to get a jump on things
never one to waste time
i’m already beginning
to forget about you

but mornings are all mine
and they hit
like a motherfucker these days
still i love them
for their honest reckoning
of every ache
every pain
every clear-eyed thought
every deliberate mistake
mixed with sunshine
troughs of coffee
fistfuls of aspirin
and double crossed fingers
to help square the circle
that really is
at its most simple
at its most beautiful

just another day

time and space
and a mutual indifference
separates the two of us
until we’ve become
strangers reborn
but i know
like it or not
if i hold my head up
if i keep walking long enough
i will always find my way back

into the storm

this is what happens
when wars are left unfinished
this is the quiet power of dreams
and an unkindness


Words and Image: B. Reeves


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