everyone wants to go to heaven


it felt a little snug this morning
didn’t fit quite right
like something borrowed
from a smaller version of myself
had to use both hands
to stretch my soul wide enough
to wear it properly

doing what i had to
to keep one step ahead
of disaster

my circles grow smaller
as my consumption grows larger
i eat anything
i can get my hands on
i drink alcohol
oceans dry
i smoke
all that can be grown
i snort everything
that blows

filling holes
that can’t be filled
but still i ride
still i ride

wearing tattered clothes
i stole from a saint
watching you
hiding behind headstones
as i spend my nights
dancing on graves
don’t think you frighten me
with those threats of hell
my hand
my heart
my head
are still open
and besides
i was already down here

and on my thief’s honor
you can trust me
when i say
everyone wants to go to heaven
but nobody wants to die



Words and Image: B.Reeves


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  1. MC Clark · April 11



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