folding clothes


hadn’t seen her in a while
figured she’d been busy
or maybe just laying low
i don’t know
100 degrees
in that worn-down laundromat
except for the two of us
her hair was a little longer
than i recalled
maybe a little straighter
or a little darker
i don’t know
she looked at me
with a smile that said
i know you and you know me

i think
one night late and alcohol wet
we may have kissed
or maybe we held hands
or maybe we just talked
and talked and talked
the way i sometimes did
when the spirits flowed
and my spirit was flowing
i don’t know
maybe we did all three
she always seemed to like me
even in those
empty pocket tin can days

when i wasn’t easy to like
when i was built only
for high speeds
and hard crashes

neither of us
was in much of a hurry

as we folded our clothes
side by side
sweat rolling down our faces
in the heat she looked tired
pretty and bored and tired
hadn’t seen her in a while
not since those cowards
got her drunk beyond reason
turned her
into a limp rumor of a person

took turns on her for hours
and filmed it
and shared it
and broke her
in more ways than one
i don’t know
as we stood next to each other
talking about nothing
in cool sardonic rhythms
it seemed like the girl i knew
had kind of gone somewhere else
somewhere without windows
somewhere with only one door
only one lock
only one key

i ran out of money
before i finished my laundry
because in those days
that’s something i would do
she gave me a couple bucks
for my last load of clothes
placed the quarters in my hand
closing my fingers
around the coins
with her warm sweaty palms

i smiled and said thanks
that we should do something

she said
what do you do these days

i said
less and less
it seems
every day

me too
she said
me too


Words and Image: B. Reeves


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