a crazy six blocks


i used to work in the city
commute in on the train
early mornings
sleep the entire ride
magically awaken at my stop
walk six blocks
from the piss smell station
to the office door
where security
had to let you in

a crazy six blocks

for fun
i’d catalog the shit
i’d see each day
here’s a list from
one of my favorite days:

one tennis shoe
on the sidewalk

sock still in it
next to the tennis shoe
one human poo

angry crowd
at methadone clinic

doors closed

half eaten bagel
in the gutter

next to
a baggie of used needles

transvestite jaywalking
the street with me
taking the time
to compliment my tie

fifty pigeons on power lines
sitting close together
shitting simultaneously
crap falling like rain

a small hand painted sign
in an apartment window

that says
“my inner child has run away”

a crazy six blocks

san francisco
was not without
its charms


Words and Image: B. Reeves


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