first time

first time1a

never forget your first time
five years-old
a grape vineyard
standing between
my father and his friend
10-gauge shotgun
heavy in my hands
squeeze trigger
thrown five feet backward
on my ass
gun still in my hands
pointing at the sky

i loved hunting with my father
he was a terrible shot
one day
he finally hit something
never hunted with him again
no more guns until
sixkiller took me
down to the river
12-pack of beer
boxes of bullets
and his dad’s guns
i couldn’t miss
sixkiller said
i think we should go
into business

funny how things turn out
years later
in a burned out room
on the 10th floor
of a burned out building
conducting business in hell
i tell sixkiller
i read the soul is appraised
by the scale of its actions
and if so
i suspect
we may be in trouble
sixkiller said
look around us
i think the department
of weights and measures
of the soul
has long been vacated
around here

i miss six


Words and Image: B. Reeves


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