his clouds


he and i stood there
under the street lights
in the pouring rain
waiting on you

moments earlier i kissed you
for the first time

while he was on the balcony
with his boys
drinking single malt scotch
and smoking $50 cigars

with a smile on your lips
chocolate and red wine
on your breath
you bit my lip
and ran your tongue
across my teeth

the street was busy
rain coming down harder
his mouth was moving
making sounds
but i wasn’t listening
i turned my face skyward
mind in the dark sky

i was waiting for you

the doorman whistled
i snapped open an umbrella
and walked you
from the door to the curb
the three of us
huddled under the canopy
me in the middle somehow
traffic slow and jammed

he threw his arm
around my shoulder
gave me a firm squeeze
and in one whisky breath
told me
he wasn’t a competitive guy
and in the very next
he asked
if when i looked up
did i notice
his clouds were moving
faster than mine

at my back
your warm fingers
slid inside
the waist of my pants
your wedding ring catching
on my belt







Words and Image: B. Reeves



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