so much like

IMG_8264 (2)

sun setting
on the porch with a bad book
lemonade and cigarettes
summer heat has my skirt
sticking to my thighs
a long and welcome breeze
blows across my skin

a car i don’t recognize
rumbles up the drive
close the book
no visitors these days
gravel crunches
under slow tires
can’t see more than shadows
past the glare off the windshield

he gets out
long straight black hair
muscled arms
covered in tattoos
so familiar to me
drop my cigarette
pick it up and tap it out quickly
my mind is hot
my heart beats weirdly
i don’t understand
i know it can’t be him
but it looks so much like …

walking to me
he looks at the ground
can’t see his face behind hair
the jeans, boots, long hair and tattoos
so much like my son
my throat tightens
i feel like crying
my legs won’t hold me up
he takes the steps to the porch
and lifts his head up

looking in mine
dark-ringed eyes i know so well
we both freeze in time
a crow caws
the sound breaks the air between us
and sets us to thaw
i stand
look him up and down and say

you look like him now

Words and Image: B. Reeves


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