run with dogs


from the world
asleep upon my
scarecrow cross
as a murder
of crows
tumbles and cackles
on the wind

knock the dust
off the phone
on rare nights
when it dares
to ring
receiver to ear
and unhinge my jaw
to make room
for the scream

one more time
you tell me
you aren’t a good listener
i know
i know
but you should have known

and now
i live each day
back in the hills
running with dogs
and chewing on bones
i never really wanted
to fly
and after the crash
i’ve found
the ground
is a better place
for me

pull the cord
from the wall
throw the phone
out the window
i said my goodbye
a long time ago
the echo of it
you still hear



Image: Boolynn & B. Reeves

Words: B. Reeves


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