i got time

i got time

i smile through
broken teeth
when they whisper
he will end badly

i’ve found rock bottom
more than once
and if you can manage
to survive
the fall
the view from
down below
is really quite something

i picked myself up
sucking the marrow
from my own broken bones
resetting the breaks
tied off
the severed veins
crudely stitched
my head
back on to my neck
and crawled my way out
of dirty graves
lids closing too soon

rattling and running
my undying body
across fields
under bridges
down alleyways
hunting for more
of everything
gambling against
betting on
how many more lives
i have
than other people
how many
more times
i can die

i keep a death deck
in my back pocket
for those lost souls
that want to try
both their luck
and me

i got time

wanna play?


Image: Boolynn & B. Reeves

Words: B. Reeves


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