ghostly hound


barefoot in the shoals
night quiet
moon hiding
echoes fail to report

“no one appreciates
the fragility of life
more than the alpha dog”

how many times
did you tell me that lie
my long lost
and ghostly hound


Words and Image: B. Reeves


boolynn & the best game


i love this game
he said
as he finished reading a poem
out loud to her
from their favorite poet

he reached out to her
handed over the book
as he had so many times before
just as she
had passed it to him
more times than he could count

she opened it
picked a poem at random
and before she began to read
with warm voice and smile
touched his boot
with her tennis shoe
and said

it’s the best game


Words and Image: B. Reeves

kick in the chest


i really only post my own stuff
but Sam Shepard's passing kicks me

music influences my work most
but if pressed to name 3 writers
that impacted me
he is certainly one
when i heard him say
he wrote by sound, not sight
it opened a door for me
i understood immediately

watch him in movies and interviews
he has an amazing quality
read him
to really appreciate
RIP, Sam
and thank you

- B.

sea spells

Sea Spells

if i were a gambler
and if anything
i suppose
i am that
i would not hesitate
to bet everything

on boolynn

and the power
of one of her
sea spells

Words and Image: B. Reeves



kick off


tough funeral

he was a drunk
a bore
a liar
a bully
but a handful of family
walked up to the podium
and made an effort
to say something
not terrible
about him

one last day of denials
before we put him in the ground
and forgot him forever

church was dog day hot
spent the service
rolling up my sleeves
wiping sweat from my face

i couldn’t listen

flipped through the bible
reading all the good fights
wondering if this show
would wrap up in time
for kickoff

Words and Image: B. Reeves

fortune teller


sixkiller hated playing cards with me
i had a scorched earth philosophy
either leveling opponents
or killing any joy in their victory

like everything else i did

my sister simply said
you break things
that’s what you do

maybe they were onto something

i have all these pieces
around me
organs limbs memories
remnants of … something
i’m trying to stitch
a frankenstein life back together
monstrous clumsy lumbering
but breathing … alive
the only problem is
i have all these pieces
and i’m running out of thread
after taking the time to disappear
i think I’m beginning to understand
i’m not invisible

no one is looking

last night
jane took me to see a fortune teller
it will be fun she said
the fortune teller looked
into jane’s shattered china bowl past
and glued together a future
that made jane smile

then the fortune teller
held my hand and looked into my eyes
she reached into her robe
with the other hand
and offered me her card
she said
you are in need of spiritual healing
make an appointment
this could take some time

jane curled her finger into my belt loop
the bells on the door jingled
as it closed behind us

i put the fortune teller’s card
in my wallet
i figured it just might be
worth saving


Words and Image: B. Reeves

the rules of love


drinking a bottle
to call it a glass
standing on
this pile of bones
i have no tears
for you

how’d you turn
warmth and beauty
into something dark
cold and jagged
to be dropped
and buried
and forgotten

has a special talent
that was yours

there’s no starting over
what glowed
and was good
is dead
and gone
lost behind the stars

the rules of love
are so terribly simple

a child can understand
and explain them

yet somehow
with bloodless
you broke

Words and Image: B. Reeves